The Company

AUR Leasing & factoring is a joint stock company established in 2018 under law 159 for the year 1981.Read More + »

Our Mission

Attracting new investments and heavy expenditure on new capital city and a network of roads…Read More + »

Our Goal

Is to enter the leasing market by capturing lucrative and reliable leasing transactions…Read More + »

AUR Leasing & Factoring provides multiple leasing solutions to accommodate for any financing need and cater for all varieties of assets such as real estate, machinery and equipment and vehicles.

AUR Leasing and Factoring


Establishment of Company will help diversify financing tools by introducing multiple products in addition to widening leasing and factoring base in Egypt.

Financial lease

The company provides financial leasing products that will cater…READ MORE + »

Sale and lease back

This product enables companies to free up locked cash in assets…READ MORE + »


Financial transaction in which a company’s it’s outstanding debts…READ MORE + »

Vendor financing

Another product offered by the company is, vendor financing which…READ MORE + »


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